Sunday, July 17, 2011

Precocious across the world!

Behold! A ego-tastical posting for today!

I can send off all my commissions and donation packages, but it doesn't become real to me that SOMEONE ACTUALLY WANTED MY STUFF until I see photo proof!

Look at this! THOSE ARE FRAMES! My work was frameable! All three Tiffany watercolors hanging together! Oh my heck! (I'll forgive him for making Ginger's Bread the centerpiece, since I outnumber it four to one.)

Since I got permission to post his pictures, here is my Skull Mountain commission with the awesome reader who set the plan in motion! (Note the Team Jacob shirt too. Bonus points!)

I'm even excited to see my magnets in action. This is not just a refrigerator, people. It's a refrigerator IN RUSSIA! Tiffany is demanding attention on another continent! That amazes me!

I've been fighting to keep pace with all my work lately, and it's treats like these photos that keep me pushing forward. Sure, the money is nice for allowing me to eat and stuff - but it's the ego boosts that come from selling art that keeps me going. Thanks to everyone who has supported me. Love to you all!


DRB_II said...

It was for aesthetic reasons, I swear! If the Ginger piece was vertical, it would be wrong! If it was off to the side, it would be wrong! If it was somewhere else in the room... wait, why didn't I do that?

I'd have snuck myself and my Exceedingly Cute shirt in there too if our camera were more cooperative, and not terrible at taking pictures. And maybe the Quietly Judging You shirt, and the Quietly Judging You mousepad, the water bottle, the Tiffany magnet, the Tiffany envelope my Tiffanys came in, my Yvette desktop... hmm, you may have another horrible picture coming your way soon.

Augie said...

Ooh, is that Nox's fridge?