Sunday, July 24, 2011

Looking for guest strips

The month ahead looks to be a particularly hectic one for me, so I'm throwing myself on the mercy of the internet and asking for Precocious guest comics to help preserve my sanity. If any of you artsy types out there are willing to craft a comic for me, I will be eternally grateful! (Guest artwork is also accepted.)

I'm setting a deadline of August 14th for submissions, since I know how cartoonists act without deadlines. Even if you wait until the last minute to draw something (again, cartoonists), I'd love to get a heads up that something will be coming. It'll help me plan. I'd like to get enough strips to cover a week of daily updates. If not enough show up in time, I may hold on to what I did get for later use.

Guest comics should be in jpeg format. They can be any height, with a maximum width of 1000px. Keep 'em PG rated at worst, as Precocious is a family-friendly strip!

Much love and thanks to everyone for supporting Precocious!

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Iron Ed said...

Have an idea for a guest strip and -thought- I'd get a start on it this weekend. Guess what...