Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mailing day II, Heat Wave Boogaloo.

(Although I think it's more "Summer as usual in Georgia" than an actual heat wave.)

Yes, FINALLY, the second wave of donation goodies is hitting the post office! (Magnet people, who got their goods in the first wave, I want to see pictures of what you did with your new prized possession!) This wave covers everyone who donated for a sketch and told me what their request was (With one exception. Sorry, Kevin!) and a few lucky ones who donated for a print and magnet.

After I finish packing everything, I will be faced with a decision: Do I risk giving up my primo parking spot to drive to the post office, or do I walk two miles in 95-degree heat instead? On one hand, I *do* need the exercise. On the other, MY SCANDINAVIAN SKIN WILL BOIL AWAY!

The upcoming third wave, which will hopefully go out at the end of this week, will cover the rest. Those who donated for a sketch without giving me a request will end up getting a facefull of whatever the heck I wanted to draw for them!


DRB_II said...

I understand completely. I've driven 500 feet in 95 degree heat for a gallon of milk so that my Scandinavian skin wouldn't boil away. Mind you, there was a slight hill involved, so I feel completely justified.

Come back to me in the winter, on the other hand, and I will gladly trudge that hill in two feet of snow for milk.

Anonymous said...

Well, we've finally broken the heat out here with the arrival of the summer monsoon rains.