Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The dawn of a new era!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have gone digital!

Ok, so maybe not quite yet, but step one has been taken! I now own and (incompetently) operate a Wacom Bamboo tablet. I can draw digitally! You know, when I properly train myself. This is going to be a long awkward period of adjustment, and I am bound to embarrass myself several times as I develop. (digital puberty!)

I don't anticipate switching Precocious over to digital anytime soon, even if I did know what I was doing. I might do it for Copper Road when I get my skills up, but, again, that's a long way away right now. For now, I am going to try sketching on this with whatever free time I have. I WILL CONQUER YOU, DIGITAL WORLD!

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

Well, Bud is definitely recognizable! :-) :-) :-)