Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's not be blue

Work continues on my latest neurotic painting! As it shapes up, astute observes will note my old friend blue is not hanging out with the other colors. This has been quite the color theory challenge, but it's been fun. I rely on blues far too much and I need to branch out a bit and try to solve, say, the red menace.

Now watch this painting end up with blue as the background color. I have been thinking about it, especially if I do the planned yellow blitzkrieg. As it stands, a neutral color like bamboo of buff titanium would look best, but that was not the goal! Then again, the original goal was purple in the background and I've tossed that in favor of just using the danged thing. Eh, this is what one gets when one improvises in painting. I have very little control over myself.

Now that the base colors or down, it's time to start refining everything. That means lots of black, white and general outlining! It's therapeutic! I may or may not finish this one right away, as I have lots of painting commissions to do. It would be wise to focus on the art I'm getting paid to do, but since when have artists been rational?

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