Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I don't know what to do with myself

I am now in DC, and will be here into the new year. I'm happy to visit the family people, but this place is always hard on creativity. All you ever want to do here is relax and eat fattening food! But I must fight on! I do this blog for a reason: The daily deadline ensures that I'm always creatively active! (Because the daily comic isn't enough?) The handful of you who read this are a bonus.

Today I sought inspiration by assaulting my sketchbook with adorable horrors. I had no direction, and nothing worth sharing appeared for quite a while. I cycled through characters, but none of them popped! Panic set in. I wasn't drawing poorly, but I wasn't drawing anything exciting. Oh, inspiration, where are you?

I started playing around, trying to draw "furry" instead of "cartoony" - and failing hard. Sorry, furry fans, but I'm not really that great at anthro art. When I set out to make a comic I had Peanuts in my mind - I wanted a cartoon style, so that is what I learned. I'm weird like that. Most people who draw similar things grew up with animals and slowly cartoonified them. I took cartoony drawing and added just enough to make the animals (kinda) recognizable. I wanted cartoony, with an adorable furry coating as a bonus!

While I do want to keep working on drawing anthro stuff, just for the challenge, I'm proud of the style I have. My big-eyed, fuzzy children are what I wanted to draw. In the end, they're not very "furry" - but that was never the goal. I'll just have to master that LATER. For now, enjoy my cartoony badassery!

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Al S. Romero said...

You might want to have a balance of furry and cartoonish. If it is to furry (looking like actual animals) then that is going too far. Your current style is okay, but its your choice. I love the whole big eyed kids/animals creation, that is what gives nostalgia (to me, that is).