Saturday, June 20, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

I'm going to see the Washington Nationals play tomorrow, so baseball is on my mind! (In as much as what the Nationals play is baseball.) Ok, ok, the Nats have a winning streak going. (Which is in danger as I type.) Either way, I am going to jinx the heck out of SOMEONE tonight. (I'm sorta rooting for the Nat's opponents, the Blue Jays, because Blue Jays are cool and Canada is cool in other ways.)

In Precocious baseball, it seems natural to have Suzette was the catcher. Problem with sketching her as a catcher - How does one draw a catcher's mask on a muzzle like that... without, er, muzzling her too much. I finally had to to Schroeder from Peanuts to get a catcher's mask I liked for her. What other strip does baseball better?

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Danny said...

oh, definitely the second last one (where it's only the head, the bigger one, the smaller one below it is not the one I'm talking about.) It seems to offer better protection for her nose, due to its more solid-bodied construction, the other net styled masks allow her nose in particular to be touched by the ball. That, and it looks wicked!