Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restrained Creativity

Since this is the most popular design, I pulled out the original and went to work on making it more t-shirt-ish. It's set up now as a one-color print with a gray shirt as background. This would be the cost-effective approach. Is it acceptable? (Click the image for a larger version.)


Applejinx said...

Is there a way to get it so you can see the kitty better? She gets seriously lost in all the scribbles O_O

Tex said...
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Tex said...

I was looking through your DeviantArt sketches and found that one with Tiffany dressed as a pear.
Dunno if other people would use it, but if it became a t-shirt I would wear it everyday.
In a way, it promotes the comic, because people will probably ask who is Tiffany, but it's not really necessary to know that to get the non-senseness of it.

What happened to the chaos and creativity idea? It was nice and easy to connect with, I guess.

About the unrestrained cretivity one, would it be more expensive to make the t-shirt white? It's brighter.

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I can try messing around in photoshop to make Tiffany's lines in that. Barring that, I can print it out and draw over the lines to thicken them up.

I put it on gray more as an experiment to see how it'd look on a darker shirt than to say IT WILL BE ON THIS COLOR. Printing on white shirts is actually cheaper!

None of this is set in stone. I am still very much in the experimental stage.

I can still mock up the chaos and creativity one. I just don't have a hi-res scan of it yet. Alternately, I could draw a new image for it. Not that I know what it would be.

Applejinx said...

Actually, white shirt with kitty in black, easel in black, and all the paint in some other color would work really well :)