Monday, June 8, 2009

More downsides to productivity

Today is an inking day! The goal is to finish two weeks' worth of dailies and keep going into July - ignoring Sundays all the way! (I'll get to them LATER!) Anyway, this is my task for the day and you'll have to deal with the artful arrangement of strips I've presented.

Another downside of productivity: I consume supplies at an alarming rate! I cracked open a fresh pack of 50 templates for this current session - and realized I already knew what was going on 46 of 'em! I'm moving too fast! I bought hundreds of these buggers when I stocked up, and it's getting close to ordering time again. For being what I feel is unproductive over the past few weeks, I sure am consuming all available supplies rapidly. I don't want to restock! I just splurged on other stuff! I HAVE NO INCOME!

Of course, if I move *that* fast, I can take a month off from drawing the strip and use that time to play hype machine!

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