Monday, June 15, 2009

I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me

If you've read my bio on the Precocious website (or ever met me in person) you'll know I have the brain-addling despair that is ADHD. When I was put on Ritalin, it really did save my life. Precocious wouldn't exist without it. Currently my cocktail of choice is 20mg in slow-release form in the morning and regular Ritalin in small doses throughout the evening. When prepping for my trip to DC, I packed my pillbox with my morning pills. (No I am not a walking pharmacy. There's TWO, both of which are optional!) Guess what I forgot? Oh, right, EVENINGS! When I do ALL MY WORK! For this week, instead of firing up at 5pm, my brain will be melting down. Dumb dumb dumb. This has been a stupid week for me, hasn't it? (OK, so it's not a huge deal, but I wish I had the option available to me if I needed it.)

I chose Vincent for this illustration because, spoiler alert, he's got an undiagnosed ADHD problem - which leads to much merriment for all of us! Y'know, whenever he shows up. Which is not for a long time. Yes, this means he wouldn't be freaking out over meds, as he doesn't know he needs them. Shut up! It's close enough to be apt anyway!

Oh, anyone who thinks ADHD is fake just because it's often misdiagnosed can preemptively go fuck themselves.

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Tex said...

Precocious looking more and more like Calvin & Hobbes! (I'm *not* accusing you of copycat, by the way.) Calvin is kind of the symbol of ADHD. Either that or me personally identifying with every single strip is pure coincidence. No matter what, Vincent's apparition is very promising!