Monday, May 18, 2009

Parental Guidance

Last night, my mother was in a panic. She had let the cats out and they never came in. As the night went on, they she grew more anxious, swearing that she was hearing them meow and fight outside. Visions of predators taking them or neighbor cats luring them too far away filled her head. She vowed never to let the cats out again.

Yeah, she had shut them in a room upstairs. That is remarkably different than outside. Way to go, mom! Hey, at least she was home!

So here are some cartoon mommies! These mommies are much more on the ball than real life mommy is right now. Ivy is the mom who knows what's going on. She knows know the kids work and it's hard to put one past her. Sydney is also quite savvy, really. She just doesn't care. This woman never got the "be selfless" message at mommy school. Not that she's criminally selfish, mind you; she's just not selfless. No mommy of the year award for Sydney, but she won't be a FARK headline anytime soon...

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