Saturday, May 23, 2009

More bite-sized painting fun!

I hit a wall with the painting stuff. Lack of inspiration? Nah. Stupid hands not executing properly? Nope. FORGETTING TO BRING WARM COLORS TO DC!? *facepalm*

My reds are all too dark. My yellows are all too light. When combined, THEY DO NOT EQUAL ORANGE! This is what I get when stocking my paints with stuff I need for my giant abstract stuff. Naturally, I end up working teeny tiny!

None of these paintings are done, but all are at a place where you can see how it'll end up. I'd like to knock a few of 'em out and then pack up painting for a while so I can use my staging table for Precocious inking.

For those only interested in the Tiffany painting, I can probably mix the colors I need to finish the painting here. That being said, I may wait until I'm home again so I can finish all Precocious paintings at once.

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