Sunday, July 13, 2008

Putting the latest sketchbook to rest

6/14/08 - 7/12/08

Yes, I finished a sketchbook in less than a month. It took a lot - A LOT - of mental instability and self-destructive behavior to do it, but I succeeded. In a month where I dropped the ball with absolutely every aspect of my life, I spent that unproductive time working in my sketchbook. Many self-destructive nutjobs waste their lives by drinking, losing themselves online, playing video games and other useless activities. At least sketching and looking at long-term goals wistfully is a great deal better than that. (Like winning gold at the Special Olympics!)

So here are the best of the rest; choice cuts taken as I went through the book before moving to the next:

This one stood out as, like in the last post, there is a distinct lack of cartoon animals. Heck, the only other scribble on the page was of - gasp - a human! I named the image "Suburban Sprawl" mostly because it's clear I did one sketch of some capsule thing and didn't feel like stopping once the sketch was finished.

Autumn is kind of a pain to put in group shots, due to her ears adding significant height to her figure. It's probably why the Autumns posted here all had "expressive" flattened ears until I realized and devoted a full post to her normal pose. Her ears still vex me at times, as getting them the perfect shape seems impossible - especially since I'm not sure what the perfect shape should be. Practice will make perfect.

Getting a full figure sketch to look good enough to scan is hard work! As I'm still focusing so much on getting the heads to look right, the rest of the body is still secondary. Sometimes I get a good head and the drawing of the body just falls apart. Sometimes I rush and the body is way too sketch to scan. Sometimes I just plain can't fit the body in on the page! (I never know ahead of time when a sketch will actually look good, so they can be started anywhere on the page.) For this last image, I decided to pull out my favorite top-heavy or bottomless sketches. (The one great Autumn sketch that had the body cut off couldn't fit, naturally, thanks to her big friggin' ears!)

Closing out, here are some sketches of the secondary characters. Vincent is clearly the oddball here. Not only is his sketch simpler and unshaded, but he's just a background character for the foreseeable future. Suzette should be here with the rest of the supporting cast, but there were very few sketches of her in my book. Why? She's the easiest to draw, so I don't need as much practice. The only fully-rendered and shaded Suzette had a misplaced collar bell, which is enough to make me pass her by.

So that's that! The sketchbook now goes on the pile and I move to a new one. With any hope, this one will take two or three months to complete. It's a weird goal, but I make it knowing I *can't* stop being creative. If I'm not working on sketching, it means I'm doing those art projects I keep putting off!

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