Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Bud for all seasons

When I talk about how I'm still inconsistent with character proportions, this is what I mean. (Click the image to get the full Bud experience, of course.) Like, well, ALL early comic strips, this is something that won't be standardized for quite some time.

I'm not even sure yet which Bud is the best Bud. The one on the right is EXTREMELY adorable - so much that it melts my cold, shriveled heart - but once I reach that range things can easily fly out of, uh, proportion. (I didn't scan the extreme hyper-cephalic Bud I drew once, as it scares even me.)

Another thing that messes with proportion is the size of the drawing. The second from the right is an example of a smaller drawing - which is cute and compressed. The larger the sketch, the longer (or wider) the sketch can get. All the sketches (except the one noted) are between 2.5 and 3 inches tall, if that is enlightening.

Sure, I can get annoyed that my cuteness is not consistent between characters... OR, I can look at every sketch as a happy surprise!



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