Sunday, August 9, 2015

No news, so look at this kitten!

Since I'm still fighting the health stuff, my life is mostly about keeping pace and ensuring Precocious updates every day. (Thanks so much to Jason McDonald for helping with coloring to give me some pressure relief! I'm chipping away at the few remaining bits of owed work I took on before I kerploded thanks to him.) Very little time/energy is left to do much else, and that "else" is currently a massive house set-up maintenance project... and this surprise visitor. (You can click on most pics for larger versions.)

This cat is 50% tail. Photos can't do it justice.

The Paulsen family is full of super softies. If we see a kitten without a home we will try to help them. For example: One time I walked into my boss' office (back when I was doing website maintenance) and told him, "My mother saw a kitten behind Taco Bell. I have to go." He knew better than to try and stop me. (That's when we got Jerkcat, by the way.) When I pulled up to the new house late one night and saw a mother cat with kittens, no way I couldn't start feeding them and try to make their lives better.

I was feeding the strays, and then one walked inside! (Why wait for me to toss food when he could simply go up to the dish holding the chicken?) As you can see in those eyes above, both of us were very surprised and confused at this development.

He (well, we think it's a he) is starting to adjust to this fostering situation. Currently at kitty bi-polar state, starting half our interactions with a hiss/cry before conceding, "OK, I really want to be petted."

Giant ears. Big paws. Tail a mile long. Very lanky. Totally looks like a long coat coming in. This cat will grow up to be giant and MAJESTIC. (This photo courtesy of my mother.)

At peace (for now). He'll soon meet my other kitties, and then we'll see what happens.


Kat Knits said...

D'aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Such a cutie!!! This is also how we've managed to rescue four of our kitties Sadly, two have passed on to kitty heaven, and Her Majesty really only comes in when it's tail freezingly cold during the winter, but they all know the mark of 'human sucker' as mom calls it. I tease her a bit about it when a passing pup in a store will let us pet and love on it that hers includes woofers as well as cats, which is really true for both of us. Long story short, you guys are far from the only softies for four legged furry kids. We're all over.

Unknown said...

Sir, that cat is a Russian Blue. Take care of him well, but don't let him overeat, because he is going to grow to be huge, and mine is a bit of a fatty.

Kat Knits said...

I ad mit, I had to look up Russian Blue, but oh.. My... God! Such cuties! Yes, I may wind up being a crazy cat lady vlogger...

coolbond said...

how many cats do you have?

Unknown said...

Very cute caat!! ><