Saturday, August 17, 2013

Night of Sketches, Part 3

As this is part three, that means you should be scrolling down to see all the recent sketches and read a story about my house that probably doesn't interest you. Too bad. Do it.

Like all sketches from tonight, these are from someone's Rent-a-Chrispy's ideas. In a flattering twist, I was told he has too much Precocious art, so maybe he should collect it in a Precocious binder. Which would need cover art.  OK!  Most of these sketches are variations of the same idea: Autumn looking through the art binder and being adorable in the process.

The idea stemmed from a suggestion that Autumn be pulling a book down from a bookshelf.  I did attempt that for one sketch, and included a few more sketches that can have that bookshelf added into the background. The Ivydoll and Pingoball were added on a whim later. Autumn does have a fox-style doll on her bookshelf. It is NOT the Pingoball, as it was created before Pingoball was a thing, but it happens to have the same color shirt as the Pingoball by dumb coincidence... so maybe a retcon wouldn't hurt?

Next up is the book sketch! As Ms. Monster played a large role in the book's big stories, she was chosen to the be the featured character.  Since this is a commission time and not an artist edition sketch, it can be as simple or as complex as desired. Above is a smug Ms. Monster, standing in front a blackboard that will have some doomeriffic message on it. It's a simple look that fits nicely in the space provided.

If we want to get ambitious, though, a scene was proposed of a parent-teacher conference involving Ivy.  My first idea was to have Ms. Monster printout a long list of Autumn's misdeeds.  I like the sketch, but it would be a tight fit in the book. (It is doable, though.)

Trying to find a more vertical solution, I drew Ivy and Ms. Monster confronting Autumn.  Ivy is angry, while Ms. Monster has the smug tattletale look going on.

Finally, I roughed out some Ivy arc cards because Ivy is fun!  The one on top is the "we got sued by ANOTHER magician" look, and the bottom row has the "world's best mug (when full)".

Before my face decided that exploding was a thing it wanted to do, thus removing my ability to stream without heavy medication, we had talked about a Soren art card.  I couldn't find the sketch on the blog, and eventually figured out it was a sketch I drew during a stream and never scanned in. As luck would have it, I found what I *think* is what we'd talked about in the first old sketchbook I pulled out.  Here is Soren reading in front of a bookshelf.  Now that I think about it, I remember turning down requests to draw this card because I didn't know where to crop it, and worried that I wouldn't be able to capture the sitting look correctly on the first try.  (It's not good entertainment when the streaming artist has to erase and start over, especially when it's light pencils that aren't easy to see.) So, if this is indeed the card desired, I get a chance to solve those problems before I ink/color it live!

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