Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Copper Road! 8/1/13

Bam! New month means new Copper Road! After the end of July deluge.. that's four in a week? I'm insane. I'll try to pace myself better for August! Vote here to see Shii Ann doing Shii Ann things. Which might also be things you do. Which means you are like Shii Ann. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Also, as it's the first of the month, that means the archive page has updated with July's Copper Roads! Go enjoy them again!

Also also, August is Kickstarter fulfillment month! The first wave of books has gone out. The next goes out next week, and more shipments shall follow. Those who reserved streaming sessions should start getting ideas in to me, as I can start on those soon too.  If you missed the pre-order, you will be able to get the books from the Precocious store starting in September. (For now, enjoy the art cards for sale.)

Also also also, I'm pretty sure I had another news item or two I wanted to share, but it's 2am as I type this and I've turned into a pumpkin. Curse you, TWC servers, for being on Pacific time! I'm an old man. If I see 3am these days, it's because something has gone horrible wrong!


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