Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let's give everyone some love!

This week was full of some amazing birthday gifts, from amazing artists! I'm so grateful to those who sacrificed their time to let me pull off my sneaky idea! Each one of them delivered, giving me the variety of styles and intriguing interpretations that were exactly what I wanted when I reached out to them. I had so much fun tossing them scripts and anticipating the wonderful things I would get back.  Everyone who was involved, I salute you!

Now, let's cherish everyone who helped make this week a success! Go add them to your watch lists, read their comics and throw praise and every last one of them!

Tuesday:  Frosty
Wednesday: Mandy Seley and Alex Hoffmann
Thursday: Raiettei and Jennifer Wilder
Friday: ArtistJess, Mat Sherer and Dark
Saturday: Matthew Dawson
Sunday: Mandy Seley, ArtistJess, Becca Hillburn, Alex Hoffmann, Carl Sjostrand, Erik Amill, Frosty, Dark, Raiettei and Isabel Marks!
Panel up above: Artist Jess, who accidentally sent me extra art. Why not share it?

(Also a special thank you to DRB for chipping in with coloring efforts for Monday, Tuesday and Sunday!)

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