Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Precocious commission!

Look at what appeared in my email today! Here's another shout out to Tiff of The Cyantian Chronicles because she finished my commission today. Isn't it totally adorable?

All I told her was that I wanted all four main kids in there, and I left the rest up to her. I had no idea what the final would be until she sent it to me and I loved every minute of anticipation. The end result is something far more impressive than I could ever have dreamed up! Everything about it is great! You guys should totally go commission her too!

(click the image for a larger version)


Iron Ed said...

And if you're nice you can watch her work on your commission via her u-stream channel. Fun!

Darc Sowers said...

That's absolutely adorable! :D

Iron Ed said...

I think she did a particularly good job on Autumn.

It's funny, and so true-to-character, that Autumn has definitely different ideas than Jacob on the treehouse design. :-)