Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Copper Road! - 11/6/11

Vote on TWC to see it! In this installment, Kaitlyn takes on the wrath of the changing seasons. Stupid seasons.

Edit: Hey, look! Another week, another Precocious cameo in another comic. Check out Lucy's twitter feed in the most recent Badly Drawn Kitties!

In other news, since it was only up on the site one day before the switch made it go away, here's a second plug for the new Also, Bagels book!

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Tex said...

Oh, come on, Kaithlyn is totally complaining in paradise here. First of all, you guys have *defined seasons*. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, which means A) it's always way too hot or way too cold, B) the weather changes completely several times a day and therefore C) how the weather is even vaguely going to be even in the next hour is just anybody's guess. So yeah, life's not fair, so put on a sweater and a smile on that lucky face of yours.