Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's a glorious day!

It's pending approval, but this commission could be done! If so, that means I'm down to one big, long-term project and it feels so good. I want to only have one big project in production at a time, so I don't keep too many people annoyed with my slowness. It's much smarter for me to do many tiny commissions I can knock out in a couple days than to get derailed on several-week projects. (No, they don't take several weeks of effort, but it can take several weeks before my schedule opens up enough to work on them.)

This is not to say I'm open for commissions yet. As long as I'm neck-deep in bookery, that's going to be my life. The goal is to get all my scans into the publisher by October. Then, it's go time.

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