Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm in Savannah!

Pictured: my bed and desk. Oh wait.

This move started out with such promise. I got up early and had as smooth a drive down as could be expected. Once in Savannah, I managed to snag a (metered) parking spot right next to my apartment. The door was open and my new home was waiting for me!

Day two (today) has not been as smooth, thanks to the comic stylings of my idiot brother. We trusted him with getting the uhaul truck full of my things down to Savannah. As you can tell by the picture, he failed miserably. Long story short: He did everything wrong and I'm stuck sleeping on the floor again.

Today has been a day of false starts, and crossed wires. It has played out like a Frasier episode crossed with Waiting for Godot. Except it's not entertaining - unless me constantly looking out the window to check for meter maids is hilarious to you.

I have a lot of adjustment to do down here. For one, I have no internet! All wifi signals here are protected! (Only the iPhone's 3G keeps me alive.) This means that, until I get connected, I'll have to hike to a coffee shop or something if I want to upload a strip or update the website. That likely means Precocious will update *sometime* during the day instead of at midnight. Sorry about that. Another casualty of limited connectivity? Blogging. It's a pain in the rear to type this all out on this tiny screen!

But it's still Savannah! This has been my dream forever! I look forward to tomorrow with bright shiny eyes!

My idiot brother *should* arrive tomorrow. (We'll see.) I may yet find a convinient and non-metered place to park! (Good luck with that.) I may even get to leave the apartment and explore the maze that is my building! (And maybe even step out and explore the city!)

Dare to dream!

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