Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The big studio

As you can see, I gave in. The drafting table has been moved to the entertaining room, so now I can work to the joys of HD sports and whatnot.

I can make this work! When I get my futon, there is enough space for it behind the table - plus, I can sit on it while AT the table! So long tiny mini studio chair! When I have guests over, or when I want to get my video game on, I can always fold up the table and move it to the side.

I tried to break in the new studio setup today, but results were mixed. I'm still out of practice with comic making and it shows. I also keep wanting to break away to check the Internet - which A) I don't have yet, and B) means trekking across the entirety of my apartment if I did have it. That's inconvinient. As for comics themselves, my accomplishment of the day was scripting the next three weeks of strips and starting on the lettering. I was hoping to get to some sketching, but the muse wasn't with me. Tomorrow then?

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Iron Ed said...

With all the goings on, I'm impressed with how much you -did- get done. That's a lot of scripting! :-) Good job!!

Tristam said...

It's a test! Don't lose your ways! Keep love in your heart and you will never be taken astray! Let the peoples cheers bring you courage!