Saturday, March 24, 2012

Request week 2!

First of all, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! (For those who *didn't*, you're now on the enemies list.) Since, despite all my efforts, no one wants to give me a gift, I will give to you instead! It's time for another request week!

Before I jump into the next long-ish arc, I want to play around a bit. Thus, the first week of April will be dictated by you readers! If you want a refresher of how that went last time, click the image above or the link here.

So here are the rules: What I'm looking for are simple ideas or set-ups I can play with. I am not looking for story arc ideas. I am not looking for you to write punchlines for me. This is not an opportunity to make your fanfics into canon. You should be able to get your concept across in seven words or less.

Some examples of good requests would be:
"The stuff inside the clubhouse toy box"
"What happened at Ms. Monster's birthday party?"
"If Precocious was a sitcom"
"You know what's awesome? ROBOTS!"

You can submit ideas as replies to this post on the sketch blog (if you're reading on the Precocious home page, click the post title) or through my email. I'll also start a comment thread over in the Precocious Facebook group.

Submit as many ideas as you'd like! (There's never as much reaction to these things as you'd think.) You never know what'll spawn a good idea in my mind, so quantity can lead to quality. (The sample ideas above are in play too. If you'd like to see one of those, add it to your list.)

Let's have fun with this!


Iron Ed said...

- What else might be at the bottom of that hole Jacob falls into?

- What kind of treasure might Tiffany dig up? China??

- Di-Va! Di-Va! Di-Va!

- Max and Cookieeee, sittin' in a tree... ;-)

- Yvette with laryngitis... Would anyone notice?

Enough for one person? :-)
Iron Ed

Pea said...

What was Ms. Monster like as a student?

stu_pot said...

New haircuts: some bad, some badass.

In which a competition is held

Dungeons and dragons?

Riddle me this...

Ivydoll, Pingoball, Yvettedoll... any others?

Switching Ivy suddenly to decaff

Parents make trouble, blame the kids

If the rejected job predictions came true

Learning another language and its benefits

X said...

College for the children (professors beware).

Sorry if this posts twice; my browser's being weird.

Pea said...
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Pea said...

Now that we've seen them as teenagers, what will the kids be like as retired folk?

Anonymous said...


What would the kids' worst nightmares be?


Squeakybunny said...

What is it about balloons?

Platonix said...

Forgive me if this has already been done in the comic, but...

"The one thing Bud can't cook."

Just out of morbid curiosity. ;)

Pharma-Dan said...

Gender Bending!

Magic Vs Science


Hunting Trip

TANNERITE! Entry #5 here

Tansas said...

"If Precocious was a sitcom" sounds awesome.


The Precocious clan in disguise

We've seen them as supervillains... whom would their archenemies be?

Precocious... IN SPACE!


Guilty pleasures

Out-of-character moments

awalker1829 said...

The dirt that Tiff has on Bette-remember, she hangs out with the Ets.

What the kids did to deserve the career test.

GC said...

Precocious kids with added fancy

What Tiffany dreams about

Cheesy horror film parody

roguebfl said...

The kids take on the motto "I hear, I see, I learn" aka Audio, Video, Dicso