Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Copper Road! 12/25/13

To all those reading this on December 25th, I salute you! Bonus points if you actually celebrate Christmas. I too believe I am more important in your life than your family. (What have they done for you lately?)

Since my family isn't one that celebrates today, I was supposed to use this week to grind out some comics. Instead I got a bad cold, and I'm so congested I lost the use of one of my ears and gave myself two black eyes from coughing. BUT I FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN FOR YOU! A new Copper Road is here as a lovely stocking stuffer - or Chinese restaurant side dish, as the case may be.

Unlike your family, *I* reliably add goodness to your life! Enjoy!

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Iron Ed said...

You don't know how true your last statement is! ;-)

I actually have several small lumps of coal that I keep thinking of using as Christmas 'gifts'.
...just for fun of course! ;-) :-) :-)

Even though I do not use Twitter, I do look at yours when it appears on Precocious' front page. In response to one of your tweets a few hours ago... Peck sounds suspiciously like one of your brothers. :-)