Friday, February 22, 2013

Charm change?

(Since there's been a flurry of news posts, I'm obligated to remind you to read down the page and see them.)

Working on final charm designs today, and I decided to see what I had to make an alternate to the Bake Sale one, since it seemed to lag behind in support. Going through the art done for the book, I found Dionne pulling a Nixon and decided to try that.  My guess is it would get more love, so I'm likely to keep it. Oh, and those little dots are where the holes are going to be punched in the charm, of course. I'll surely make some tweaks here or there before I'm done, but please enjoy this preview.


Darc Sowers said...

Is it bad that I cackled insanely as soon as I saw the "I AM a Crook" one? :D Excellent!

Iron Ed said...

Disclaimer: I am not a charms guy! :-)

In other news... These are really nice, Chris! I'm not sure this Dionne design fits in with the rest, but I really like it for itself.

Way in the future; I think you could easily make a whole set featuring just Dionne. :-)
- "I am a crook!"
- Diva sitting on her Throne of Bone: "We'd make a great team!"
- Dionne advertising Do-Dah's ice-cream: "The sweetness is from the loovve!"
- Dionne standing with arms crossed: "I'm not the helping kind."

:-) With the right publicist I think Dionne could develop quite a following! :-)