Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sexy sexy SCIENCE!

Got my new Precocious shirts in today! Conclusion: Mixed success! Neither came out as nicely was the Exceedingly Cute shirt, but the SCIENCE! one is quite acceptable. I'll have to create a new SCIENCE! design with non-white letters so I can attach it to different shirt types. The Unrestrained Creativity shirt, however, was lackluster. It didn't print very clean and, like with Zazzle, it printed too high on the shirt. I'm starting to think "center" means "top center" in those shirt makers. It makes no sense, as all horizontal designs would be screwed up, but there you go! Whatever. It is now banished from the store! Man, I hope you people like the Exceedingly Cute look...

I have other shirt ideas, but no time to work on them in the present. You know that long laundry list I've been talking about. Still there. Still scary. Tonight the goal is finishing comics and painting. Tomorrow it's writing. Thursday is probably finishing that writing because I procrastinated. Such is life.

You know, it looks like I have boobs in that photo. I assure you, I was just puffing the shirt out so the design would show. Really. I'm not that fat yet. Yet. *sob*

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