Sunday, July 28, 2013

(Yet another) New Copper Road! 7/28/13

(First off, a reminder that I got the store started, with art cards available. As I'm going to start shipping Kickstarter rewards starting next week, let's make each post office visit a big event with lots of things to send!)

My promise was five comics a month. I didn't say *when* in the month they'd appear. Usually months are front-loaded, but this time convention season meant all Copper Roads popped up in the late days of July.

So here's number 5, ending the rapid-fire Coppering... until Thursday, I guess. I like to have a new comic on the first of the month when possible. Vote to see the comic goodness!

As you can guess from the promo image, I finally gave in to Animal Crossing fever and drew a comic about it. It started as a doodle, and then I started playing around with it... and now it's here.

With my weird pain condition thing that popped up, Animal Crossing was a blessing. When not medicated, I have several hours of downtime a day in which I must keep still and not move. Really boring, and I need a light, non-stressful video game to pass the time. PERFECT! This was exactly the game I needed, and I adore it.  By the way, I try to leave my town open for visitors when I work. (I'm not actively playing at those times, but you can run around and explore.) If you want to come by, my friend code is 4596 - 9566 - 6514. Send me yours and I'll add you.

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