Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On to ConnectiCon this weekend!

Get ready, ConnectiCon. I AM COMING!

Anthrocon, you were wonderful! I sold some stuff and had an amazing time with friends, fans and strangers who should become friends and fans! I took a day to relax, BUT NOW IT'S BACK TO BUSINESS!

Those in New England this weekend need to sneak over to Hartford this weekend and find me in the Online Media Guest room! I will be selling books (including some with bonus sketches, as seen above, while supplies last), selling my art cards, taking art card commissions for those who want to see their favorite Pokemon immortalized, selling charms/pins/sketch cards and talking Animal Crossing to all who want (and don't want to) hear about it.  Kicks and Isabelle will be with me again, endorsing the adorable art cards of them!

I don't know if the con updated the map yet, but find me in the Online Media Guest room by looking for that green tablecloth above and my pink Precocious banner! Stop by and grab some goodies! Kids get free magnets. Adults can get cursed Tiffany-style smiley pins.

Note: If you would like me to have an original Precocious strip on hand for you, please let me know. I may not bring the originals binder to ConnectiCon, as I discovered I lacked table space for it at AC. Precocious originals are $75 and Copper Road originals range up to $120 depending on size and complexity. I will provide protective sleeves and backing boards for them. Otherwise, everyone has to wait until the store system gets set up and pay the extra shipping and handling costs.


Iron Ed said...

Hm? Just noticed... You're putting the sketches in the -front- of the books this year?

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I can only put small sketches in the front, because I'm a lefty. Artist edition sketches are larger, and I have a blank page in the back of each book for them now.

Iron Ed said...

Cool! :-) That was -not- a complaint though; I remembered the left-handed bit from last year. Saw the example in this pic and was just wondering if you were trying the front for some reason this year.