Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey, the store is here!

UPDATE: Store should be working! Let me know if there's still any problems.

Thanks to all who came by last night's streaming session! It wore me out, but it was a lot of fun! Now, let's show off the rewards from that event!

As promised so long ago, I finally have the store up and running. It's all art cards for sale at the moment - I linked directly to the art card page for you - but eventually it will be populated with original artwork, original comics and, of course, the books. (Kickstarter backers get their orders first, so latecomers have to wait!)

As for the store's current population, the art cards have proven to be loved by all!  The current offerings are  a mix of Precocious, Pokemon and Animal Crossing pieces. I don't have them broken into themed sections, so browse all the pages to see if the design you cherished is still there.  A few available cards haven't been posted yet, but they will be once I track down the art files or re-scan them.

I still have to work the kinks out here or there. I'll attempt to fix the links on the top menu shortly, and other bugs may be running around. If you find something that's not working right, please let me know! I'm new to this store system, so it's easy for me to make mistakes. If you see an item that is magically free or with free shipping, no it isn't. I messed up. Don't think you'll get away with it! Also, to the first person who uses the store, I really hope checkout actually works right...

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