Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Copper Road! - 2/1/12

It's a new month, which means votes are EXTRA IMPORTANT over at TWC. So let's reward your voting efforts with a new installment of Copper Road! Vote here to see it! I wasn't planning on having another update this soon, but I ended up writing a couple strip comics on a whim yesterday. We all win!

So, I was chatting with Ceiling Cow - who will be my tablemate at FWA - and she was wondering why I made pony references in a comic of only canids and felines. I explained that the ponies are fictional cartoon characters in the Precociousverse and we all know anything goes in cartoons! So, if I could have cartoon ponies, why not cartoon cows? Then this comic happened. I dunno. It just did. Enjoy it!

I'll probably hold off the other Copper Road strip until Monday - but it could be posted earlier if I get more inspiration for tiny Copper Road humor bites! (That means VOTE EVERY DAY, because you don't want to miss a comic!)

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