Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Copper Road! - 2/11/12

Vote here to see it! It is totally historically accurate! Except not at all.

I'd like to see more challenges like the one Kaitlyn attempts in the comic. I know I plan to do more in the future. Maybe it could be a thing for me.

I'm certainly not original in using Wikipedia for a challenge, but oh well. Here's my proposed rule set. Go to the page. Hit the random button. Draw a comic inspired by your landing page. You are allowed three "re-rolls" if the content is excessively uninspiring - my test roll just now got me a New Zealand politician from the 1940's - and hitting a stub or super-tiny article is a free re-roll. Remember: If you pass on a page, there's no going back. I just passed up on the promising "Astronomy in Serbia" on my last roll to get this. Now I have to make a comic about that! The original plan was to do that and post an example, but I'm running behind today so instead I'm going to CHANGE THE SUBJECT!

Look! It's a Bud badge! This piece of art comes from Ceiling Cow, who is tabling with me at Furry Weekend Atlanta. (March 15th-18th. Be there!) If you're planning on attending FWA and you'd like to commission her for a badge or something, go give her a shout!


Darc Sowers said...

Hey, it's totally historically accurate. *nods*

So... we should draw you as Bud if we want to make you badges? I will have to remember that. ;D

Christopher J Paulsen said...

They wanted to badge me, and I refused to fursonify myself. I told them they could use Bud or Jacob. Jacob was kicked aside, as usual.

Blue Sly said...

Wonder if that challenge from the spin-off works for story makers who have writer's block? o.o Been in sort of a writer's block for a few days now... fresh out of thoughts. x.x Probably not the best compared to comic artist I suppose... but it's something, no?