Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Copper Road - 2/14/12

OK, I gave in and made a Valentines Day strip. I couldn't let this awful holiday go by unobserved. Enjoy! Vote here to see it!

Also, at some point today I will be updating the Copper Road archive page with the most recent comics. If you missed a recent update, you can see it there. And comment on it! Woo!


Iron Ed said...

Aww... Yvette is so sweet; gotta love her! But now I also feel sorry for her!

Greg said...

You realize that people will now demand the Autumn plushie, right?

Iron Ed said...

Okay, so I misinterpreted Yvette's glare in the 2nd panel. I like awalker1829's explanation better than mine. :-)