Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dance for me!

While I don't have much time for commissions these days, I do still have a few obligations in my inbox. I want to be the best, so let's work on some today!

This project has a few of my ladies cast as belly dancers. I seem to recall the three being Bette, Mitzy and Deirdre... maybe I should have checked my email to confirm them before sketching? Eh, doesn't matter. I can swap some heads around if needed.

To start things out, I did searches for good belly dancing poses. The dresses can be finalized afterward. In this sketch of Mitzy, the dress from the photo would be practically impossible to convert to watercolor - but the pose was nice! By the way, forgive any shading discrepancies. They were not the priority during the sketching and, frankly, I haven't thought of how most of my cast would look with skimpy clothes on.

There's some dissonance going on in my head with my cartoony characters matched up with human poses and dimensions. I tried to "correct" the anatomy from correct human to way-off Precocious, but I definitely need to figure out how I will melt these two elements better.

I didn't think the pose would work out with cartoon anatomy, but it kinda does. I'd like to keep working with this idea.

Deirdre seems like a weird match for this hobby, so I wanted to make her pose a bit more unsure and less dynamic. I found a dress that was more conservative for her.

I've got a lot of work on this project if I want it come out looking grand. Getting the anatomy to look right with my undisciplined method of drawing is hard, and getting the dresses and veils to flow properly is a task as well. I hope to find some time during the next few weeks to keep sketching for this project, as well as the others in the queue.


Iron Ed said...

Lookin' darned good so far! Especially #1 & #3. Deirdre's expression is just right for her too.

Codefox said...

Yeah, I really like these sketches quite a bit

Darc Sowers said...

Very nice. Your anatomy looks good and the poses are graceful. I'm with Iron Ed, I love pose three.

I don't envy you doing those in watercolor. I still can't get a grasp on that medium. Good luck! You can do it!

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Thanks, everyone! Yeah, I'm terrified about the watercolor thing, but it should be good for learning.

I'm not sure when I'll get back to this project, but I hope it's soon.