Monday, February 13, 2012

Ranking the Ponisodes!

Because I want to. That's why.

Edited to rank the latest episode. Also, dudes, this did not take a lot of time to do. I went through the list of shows, copied and pasted into tiers and did some rearranging. Easy.

Roughly in order from favorite to most-hated.

Celestia Tier:
Party of One
Green Isn't Your Color
Suited For Success
Lesson Zero
A Dog and Pony Show
The Last Roundup
Hearts and Hooves Day
Sweet and Elite
Secrets of My Excess
Winter Wrap Up

20% Cooler Tier:
Swarm of the Century
Sonic Rainboom
The Return of Harmony Part 2
Applebuck Season
The Return of Harmony Part 1
Hearth's Warming Eve
Owl's Well That Ends Well

Meh Tier:
The Cutie Pox
The Ticket Master
Luna Eclipsed
A Bird in the Hoof
Family Appreciation Day
Baby Cakes
The Best Night Ever
Call of the Cutie
Fall Weather Friends
Friendship is Magic Part 1
Griffon the Brush Off
Boast Busters

Bleh Tier:
Bridle Gossip
Look Before You Sleep
Sisterhooves Social
Over a Barrel
The Show Stoppers
May the Best Pet Win!
A Friend in Deed
Feeling Pinkie Keen
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 600

The. Worst. Possible. Thing. Tier:
Stare Master
Friendship is Magic Part 2
Read it and Weep
The Cutie Mark Chronicles
The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Best writer: Meghan McCarthy wrote 7 episodes - 6 of which are in my top 11. (I'll forgive her for the unremarkable Call of the Cutie episode, as she's also the only writer to create a GOOD Cutie Mark Crusader episode.)

Best pony: Rarity. As if you had any doubt.

My opinions > Your opinions.

In other news, I can't sleep and my hand hurts too much for drawing. What else could I have done? (Oh, right. More scripting.)

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Codefox said...

That's way too much work to rank all those. But I mostly agree. Dashie all the way though.