Sunday, January 29, 2012

Precocious button ideas!

First off, did you check out the new Copper Road that went up yesterday?

Since I will be tabling at Furry Weekend Atlanta soon, it's probably a good idea for me to have things at my table to sell! What you see here are sketches for possible 1.5" Precocious buttons! (Click the image for a larger version.) I'd love to get some feedback on this. I can like 'em just fine, but I'm not the one buying them. What do you like/want? Could I make Precocious buttons non-Precocious readers would want? (If you're reading this on the homepage, click the title of the news item to reach the sketch blog and comment.)

I'm looking at having five designs with me for FWA. Two buttons that seem obvious for me are the sleeping Tiff "exceedingly cute" one and the "I like me" Jacob design. They are cute and have messages everyone can get behind. It's a bit harder for Bud and Autumn. The gags they're associated with tend to be too specific or too complex to fit in the tiny space of a button. Autumn is a cutie, though, so maybe a button of her being cute is enough. For Bud, I first tried out the "Rule #4" design, which I may keep tweaking. I also tried out a face shot with the tag, "I am Precocious." Next, I played with the idea of a group shot for a promotional button - but would they come out too small? I might have to play around with that idea more to see if I can use the space more effectively. Finally, considering Tiffany wears a smiley button, giving a shout out to that might be a good idea. A generic smiley is too generic, so I chose to go with the ":3" cat smile.


Darc Sowers said...

I like the "Exceedingly Cute", "I Like Me", kitty smiley face, and "I am Precocious" ones. I'm not sure about other comic artists, but I've found that anything with the comic's name on it is a harder sell. Hardcore fans will want those, but the more casual readers or people just stopping by seem to prefer objects without the name.

The group shot may come out a little small. Maybe a four headshot version? Sort of like a parody of The Beatles "Let it Be" album cover -

A way to minimize the risk might be to printout the various buttons, but don't assemble them just yet. Have some samples pre-made, but bring your button maker and supplies to the con and only assemble the buttons as they sell. That way if a style doesn't move, you're just out the prints, not the casings and Mylar. Also, if you bring your digital files with you, you can make more printouts if a certain button style sells well. Most of the hotels offer computer and printer access (though there may be a small fee). It's just a possible idea.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Matt put me in business mode yesterday and I haven't been able to get out of it yet. Noooo!

Christopher J Paulsen said...

Ooh, making buttons to order is a great idea! We'll have to beat up Becca and take her stuff to the con. (That also opens up the idea of making custom pins for people.)

I suspect no one will want to willingly advertise for me, so the goal is to trick them into it. "Why yes... it's YOU who is Precocious!"

You in business mode can only make the world (and me) better!

John Friedrich said...

All four of the big ones look like winners to me. I think you'll do just fine at the con.