Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three years of Precocious!

You heard right! Precocious is THREE YEARS OLD today! Can you believe it? It's been an amazing run so far, and I can't wait to top everything with the awesomeness of this upcoming year!

See that graphic of Bud there? Know what that is? It's one of the bonus illustrations from the first Precocious book! I am packing that thing with as much bonus goodness as possible, so be extremely excited! Stay tuned for further book awesomeness information.

In combination with me starting to get real merchandise, I will also take the next cartoonist step and attend some conventions. My first con experiences will go to the furries, since they seem to like me. I'm schedule to have a table at Furry Weekend Atlanta and Anthrocon. I'll likely be showing up at good old comic cons down the road too, but nothing's been confirmed there yet.

Thank you all for sticking with me though my comic adventure. Let's keep on rocking it into the future!

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