Thursday, December 20, 2012

Copper Road! Bonus Comics! More!

It's a special holiday-themed Copper Road for you! Vote here to get in on the cheer and sing along! We'll finish Ursula's story in early January, by the way, but for now enjoy the beautiful color of the holiday's that one kind soul bought for you!

In other news, the big bonus bar on the main page has been filled! 15 bonus comics will be coming your way! These are all double-sized and tell a story. You'll have lots of fun with them. I'm not sure how I'll present them yet. Run two stories at once on the main page? Put them all in one giant update? Spread out their release by using them as vote incentives, then post them as whole elsewhere? I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, and I will listen to your feedback if you have it.

Since I didn't let myself start on the comics until the bar was filled, it'll be a while before your reward is ready. So, hey, if there's a delay, why not keep this party going? The bonus bar now seeks to become a new color! If you all can fill it up, via purchasing Precocious goodies or through happy donations, this bonus arc will come to you in vivid color!

You may have more time than expected too, if my dental hell continues. First it was a toothache, then it was soreness and slow healing of the tooth extraction, then it was my jaw flipping out due to favoring one side of my mouth for so long and now I'm on day four of a brutal and debilitating sinus headache that is freaking me out. (I don't get these normally, and the timing us just too uncanny for me to think it's a random event. Sigh, back to the doc I go...) All in all, while I've kept Precocious going, I've lost a full month of work for my other projects - yes, including the new cast page. I'm not happy about it, but it happened and all I can do is fight on.  As you've probably noticed, this week's streaming was canceled, as sitting up and leaning forward while talking make up the "things that cause pain" trifecta in my current state.  I still hope to recover before my Christmas Eve art giveaway steams, but I really don't know at this point. If I can't stream, I will find other ways to be Santa Chrisp - so keep watching the front page news section for updates!

I will get better. I will get my work done. I won't let you all down. Just cut me some slack until I can get healthy.

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Iron Ed said...

I'll give you all the slack you need! Just not quite enough to hang yourself... ;-)