Monday, December 17, 2012

Anyone near Williamsburg, VA?

So here's something fun: I get to attend a local-ish con, MarsCon, as a guest! Cool! This is a sci-fi themed con, but I've been told it has a solid webcomic presence.  Should be fun! (And it gives me an excuse to visit good friends down there!)

Also new for me: Panel discussions! I will be taking part in all webcomic group discussions and hosting my own talk - So You Want to Make a Webcomic? - with advice for new and aspiring comic creators and stories of all my rookie mistakes. Afterwards, I'll be doing a smallish book signing.

If you're in the area January 18-20, I would love to have you stop by! I look at analytics. I know I have readers down there! Set your calendar now, and help ensure my first talk doesn't end with me chatting with an empty room.  More details will be posted about exact times as the date grows closer.

In non-con news...

Copper Road and the next streaming session are likely delayed. While I'm nearly out of the woods with my dental nightmare, I'm so tired and almost a month behind with my plans thanks to this saga. For Copper Road, I might put up a holiday comic soon and save the close of the Ursula arc for the first week in January.  With streaming, I might push Thursday night's session back to Saturday afternoon. I feel OK, but last time five hours of talking took its toll.  Today I tried doing normal mouth things, as I was feeling better, and that turned out to be a BAD idea. (Back to soup. So much soup. Soup forever.) Two extra days of shutting up might help. If you don't see a stream announcement Wednesday morning, that means I'm waiting until Saturday - which should be announced on Thursday.

Also, check out the Bonus Comics Bar! We're so close! Wanna help push us over the edge and get the reward, you can donate or purchase one of the unclaimed artist trading cards!

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