Monday, December 24, 2012

Chrispmas Giveaway #2

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Merry day off to those who don't celebrate it, but are taking advantage of the holiday. Merry overtime pay to those working tonight. Merry Precocious update day to everyone else. Let's all get away for a while, escape from reality and read some comics!

Today's comic annoys me, as it was drawn while I was in a lot of pain and because of that the quality isn't great. So I ask you to distract me! Make me smile! There are two approaches you can take:

1) Share a cute story about Precocious in today's comment section. It could be how you found Precocious, why you keep reading Precocious, about your shrine of Precocious goodies, how you lost your swag bag Tiffany pin and later found out it somehow derailed a train... whatever!

2) Cute pet pictures! (Yes, you can share a short story on why the pet is cute too.) You get a bonus entry if the pet is pictured with Precocious stuff! (I'll accept a monitor displaying the site in the background.)  These can be emailed to me if you want to avoid the comments section.  If you do want to post your pic in the comments, let me help you. (This graphic can always been found in the site's FAQ, by the way.)

Each person only gets one entry - and only one bonus, when applicable - no matter how many times you post stories or pics. You must post with a valid email attached your comment, so I can contact you.  The window for entries is from Midnight to midnight, eastern time. I will compile all pics submitted and post some at a later date on the blog so I can show 'em off.

As for Monday's winners?


Winner #1 - Jess!
Winner #2 - Emi!

I'll send you both an email! Congratulations!

As for the rest of you, grab some pets and a camera?

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