Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Experimenting Continues

There's a reason I'm not charging anything for drawing portraits. I gotta work out the kinks first.  I knew this one was gonna get me, because my test sketch for it was pretty good. For the rest, the sketches were atrocious - just ways to block out the space. You don't want to waste artistic goodness on the early stages. You only get so much per piece!

This one also got botched in the scan, unfortunately. The flesh tone appears to have been completely eliminated, only leaving the shading.  Well, ok, whatever. Scanner, you are mean. (And this is the *good* one doing that!)

The scariest part of doing these portraits:  Discovering where the gaps are in my Copic collection.  Maybe for the next one I'll get creative with the coloring, just to see what happens.  I'd rather the "artistic" approach succeed than see my bank account take another hit as I order more markers.

So, who will the next victim be? Step up! At best, you get a cool pic of you. At worse? No one will recognize it's you anyway!

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that I would easily recognize all of these subjects ...if I knew them personally. :-)