Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chrispy has left the building

I have returned from FA:United a day early. While I met many wonderful people and had some great conversations, foot traffic in the dealer's room was dreadful and sales were brutal. We decided to cut our losses and bail, and we definitely were not the only dealers to do so. Oh well, a lesson is learned.

...and much good did come from this journey! The artist edition book sketches are done, and mailing begins on Monday! Yay! It was so much fun doing all these sketches, and I hope all who get them enjoy them!  For those who are jealous, start making plans to visit me at Intervention and/or Midwest FurFest! You can purchase an artist edition at the table, or bring your copy and get me to upgrade it to superawesomecool!

I'll try to give you another update on how moving/buffering/whatever is progressing next week. Because of the chaos, there will not be a Copper Road on Monday. Sorry! (Vote for me anyway, because I need to feel loved!) The week after will be filled with lots of bonus guest art and comics incentives though!


Iron Ed said...

So, are you going to show us all the artist edition arts? :-)

...or do you think you might have to deal with people complaining because someone else got a 'better' picture than they did? (I like to think all our friends who bought the artist version are more grown up than that, but you just never know...)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I don't even have pictures of all the artist edition sketches. (Many were packed before I realized I should record them, and my iPhone ended up blurring some of 'em.)

The sketches are for the people who paid for them, and I want them to be special. They can share them if they want, but this is all I'm offering.

I made sure to choose characters who had multiple requests, so no one can be truly sure if that is their sketch on the front page until their package arrives.