Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Copper Road! 8/1/12

It's a new month and the stats have been reset, so let's get to voting so Precocious' ranking stays in the happy place! I've done my part by uploading a new Copper Road to entice you!  (EDIT: Head over to the archive page and enjoy all the comics from last month too! Read 'em again! Comment! Love them!)

Whether you've been paying attention to the Olympics or not, you've probably heard folks complaining about how poorly NBC has been handing everything. As someone who has desired to spend every day of the games so far with three screens of competition playing around him at all times, let me assure you that the complainers aren't just doing so because griping about things makes them cool. NBC's been a joke, and their handling of the games has seriously hurt my enjoyment. (Note I said I "desired" to stream the games. I didn't say I was able to successfully.)

I could list all the reasons they suck, but long news posts scare people. Speaking of... GO READ MY LONG NEWS POSTS BELOW! They are important!

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