Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flavors of Autumn

UPDATE: The glitch with the store has been fixed. Order away!

First off, for all those who missed out on the pre-order, the first Precocious collection is back in the store! Order your copy today! Second, don't miss the new Copper Road! Third, I'm still looking for guest strips.

And for those heroes that not only pre-ordered, but reserved an artist edition - your time is coming soon! I will be drawing on your books in two weeks! That means it's time to start figuring out what those sketches will be. The breakdown of the sketches is quite amusing. One Bud, one Jacob, one Tiffany, one Casey, TWENTY ONE AUTUMNS. I know she's the cutest, but wow! (My guess going into the pre-order was 10 Autumn, 10 Tiffany, 5 everyone else.) The challenge now is to find 21 unique Autumn scenarios, so let's do it! EDIT: After talking with RCSI, it seems the count they told me was merely, to paraphrase, "what it seemed like as the orders came in." Since the sketches weren't happening until mid-August, they hadn't even bothered to go back and look yet! Oh well, there's still a ton of Autumn requests, but the other story was funnier.

Actual total:
Autumn - 11
Jacob - 3
Bud - 2
Tiffany - 2
Dionne - 1
Max - 1
Roddy - 1
Yvette - 1
Casey - 1
Suzette -1
Anyone - 1

And now back to the original post...

Unless I get a good idea for a Copper Road, my next few days will be for character sketching. I'm in packing limbo right now, with most non-essential stuff boxed up, and the rest still needed for day to day life. I want to be ready to go, but I guess there is no option but to throw all the important things in boxes at the last minute. (Yesterday I cleared out half my kitchen, only to put it right back in place once I got hungry.) Anyway, if you want to help, give me some ideas for the Autumn sketches! What should she be doing? If you're one who ordered the artist edition, you can give me a specific request - although I can't guarantee you'll get it. Look at the above art for examples of what will appear in the books. (The book sketches will also be shaded with blue colored pencils.)


DRB_II said...

Not to complicate things (although I almost certainly am), there should be a Dionne in there somewhere. With luck, you only need a mere 20 Autumns. Otherwise... good luck with that!

Ndro said...

Similarly to DRB_II above, I'm fairly sure I managed to snag an artists version and ordered an Yvette (order no. 393 if that helps). Would log into RCSI's site so can't confirm if it went through though. Hopefully that's just 19 poses now :)

Ndro said...

*that should say that I "Couldn't log into RCSI's site..." the moral here is never type and watch TV at the same time. My bad!

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I haven't actually seen the official list. I've been going on what I was told. RCSI folks could have just been funning me for all I know.

DRB_II said...

Aw, and here we went and ruined their fun.

Ndro - Nice choice. I though about Yvette, but I already have two of those. Dionne I do not have. Come to think of it, I don't have an Autumn either... you may be getting a message about that later, Chrispy.

Razmoudah said...

Huh? You didn't have my Suzette sketch in the count (I'm very certain that that is what I said and not a Tiffany or Autumn)

Razmoudah said...

Yep, just managed to find the e-mail confirmation of the order and my requested character was Suzette, so those guys must've been bluffing you.

Slick Kat said...

that does sound like something they would tell you.

Iron Ed said...

Autumn sketch suggestions...

- Hooking up a dynamite detonator box while reading the instruction manual.

- Writing in a notebook labeled "Blackmail."

- Working in the Poppinstock library. (Checking books in/out, shelving books, dusting books, rearranging books, ...books...)

- Marking off days on her "Grounded" calendar.

- Eating "Paranoia Flakes."

- Throwing a water-balloon.

- About to "catch" a water-balloon.

- Writing a letter to Twilight Sparkle. (Hey; they're both into books!)

- Playing with a Twilight Sparkle plushy.

- Cuddling a Twilight Sparkle plushy in bed; happy dream-face.

- Sitting in the principal's waiting room; sad-face.

- Vandalizing Ms. Monster's blackboard.

- Writing "I will not..." on Ms. Monster's blackboard x00 times.

- Writing a letter of apology to the magician.

- With a shocked look on her face as she reads a dictionary.

- Complaining about a miss-spelling in the dictionary.

- IF 'Owen da Husky'(Vulpine Warrior 91) bought an artist edition have Autumn writing a letter to her cousin, Summer Pingo. :-)

- With a fist and threatening look, "Anyone else?!?"

- "But a love the school-girl chic!"

- "New girl here!"

- The Scarlet A!

- Every year the leaves fall into the clutches of Autumn! Muahahaha!

- "Now, who are you??"

- "Is this a fair fight now? 'cause I hate those!"

- Walking past a "Cloning" machine.

- Next to doors marked "Boys," "Girls" and "Clones."

- "This was supposed to be about me!"

- Alphabetizing... something. Encyclopedia?

- "I love the schoolgirl chic!" Picture of sweetness and innocence, and a knife in her and.

- More?? ;-)

Iron Ed said...


- "But I love the school-girl chic!"

- "I love the schoolgirl chic!" Picture of sweetness and innocence, and holding a knife in her hand.

Iron Ed said...

Hmm... Maybe a book of Blackmail notes instead of a knife in that last suggestion. Knife is more Tiff's style. ;-)

Christopher J Paulsen said...

I'm definitely using some of those ideas, Ed!

Iron Ed said...

I have a 3-panel strip in rough sketch form. I plan to refine it tomorrow (Saturday). If you want it, great; if not, it can go to the fan-art forum. :-)

Iron Ed said...

New thought...
If you use either of the "blackmail" sketch ideas above, put the buyer's name on the cover of the book under the word "Blackmail." :-) :-) :-)

Iron Ed said...

p.s. By "book" I mean the blackmail notebook in the sketch of course. :-)

Jenos Ide said...

That's quite a list you managed to put together Ed.

Iron Ed said...

Thanks; I was on a roll.
Now; which one's going in -your- book?? :-) :-) :-)