Monday, October 31, 2011

My Little Copper Road

The prep work is done for the next Copper Road comic, which I'm aiming to get out tomorrow! As you can see by this sketches, we're trick or treating... AS PONIES!

Hey, I can indulge a bit if I want to!

Here, the Great and Powerful Quincy returns. I have to decide when I put him in the strip whether I want the ears in or out of the hat. Trixie is ears-in, but that looks kinda weird here.

Good old Kaitlyn gets to be Applejack. That hat drove me nuts, and it drives me nuts still.

Yvettershy and Derpy Vincent may not make the comic, but I wanted to draw them anyway!

1 comment:

DRB_II said...

I was recently thinking Tiff would make an excellent Applejack, since they both have a single blond ponytail, but then that wouldn't be Copper Road.

Wait, what do ponies call ponytails? *deep thoughts*