Sunday, October 2, 2011

The long-term commission

As I'm gearing up to start a commissionathon in the coming weeks, my thoughts turn to the one outstanding commission I have left - a no-deadline project for Codefox. It's had to sit on the back burner for far too long while I got my stuff together with school and the book and general craziness - and, to be honest, it's going to have to mostly sit while a bunch of small commissions go in front of it again - but I want to start making some progress with the sketches. (It's going to take a LOT of sketches to get things together.

What you see here will bear no resemblance to the final piece, except for the dress. I had a moment of horror earlier when I realized I had saved a LINK to the suggested dress for her and not the actual picture. LINKS CAN CHANGE! Fortunately, the image was still there (I assume it to be the same one as requested) and it has since been saved. This is my first attempt at drawing it. The rest of the foxy lady? I was too lazy to go back to the emails and find his requests and physical descriptions, so I just drew a lass! Don't worry, when I get more pro I will be a good artist and follow his wishes. For now, I'm just playing around with the dress because I avoided doing something stupid in losing it.

Sorry about the bad scan. I had it on the wrong setting, and didn't feel it was worth redoing. Yeah, lazy night. Hey, I just did a 12-hour comicthon, with (if I can do it) a 12-hour coloringathon coming up tomorrow. And I did work all morning on the website! I DESERVE LAZY NIGHT!

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Codefox said...

Totally missed that you posted this! Seeing these sketches is as much fun as eventually getting the artwork. FTR, you've now made two sketches that I think look great.