Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Violets Unmatched

Oh yeah, I went there. That's the official title of the piece. If you don't like it, cram it.

Thanks to the magic powers of OBAMA, I managed to pull this violet painting out in the end. Just a few hours ago this seemed hopeless. Now, I am fully satisfied with the piece.

It's 2am now, and I have three paintings that are unfinished. All of them are CLOSE ENOUGH to pass for finished in portfolio form, but none of the three are signature-worthy. What do I do? Let me explain further: Tomorrow morning, someone with a larger trunk than mine will arrive and take my paintings away. Tonight is the last chance I have!

So, uh, Dana, FUCK YOU! I am *so* close to wrapping this baby up, but it looks like I'll fall *just* short. This is going to be a fun one to finish up at home, as it's so massive my easel may buckle under the pressure. At least take solace in how the painting is shaping up to be really damn good! (The picture doesn't do it justice.) One extra coat of sage green and several waves of touch ups still must be done, but it's at a confidence-instilling place. Yay.

If I do work on another painting, it will be the leafy arrangement, where I'll finally tackle the vase thingy. I may not even get to that, as it's 2am and I've hit the wall.

In conclusion: The Mill should love me, Dana should have mixed feelings and I am a corner-cutting asshole.

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Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Cool cool stuff. I wish I could paint...I can barely draw as it is...