Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can't sleep. Clown'll eat me.

I am *so* close to finishing your painting, Dana. (Andrew must continue to feel the blues. Suck it!) All I need to do now is make a few passes with some greens and paint the border.

Despite the look being so very me, I am doing some things with this painting that show that I am crazy and unstable. In the biggest painting I've done yet, I have used ZERO black. I repeat: No strict black outlines! Granted, it's because I went with white instead, but it's still going against the grain! This artist is being willful! Which is weird, considering how my typical black outlines fit Dana's decorating style perfectly. Oh well. Now you will be FORCED to get light-colored curtains. (Suck it, Jason O'Darkness!)

The second step of Chrispative dissonance follows the first: I am not forcing my lines to be super-crisp. A lot the latest touches are in dry brush fashion, and it looks rather nice. (This is good, since getting exact lines in any colors other than black and white is damn near impossible.)

Lastly, I am leaving gobs of paint untouched on my palette. I am usually extremely conservative with paint, as I hate shopping for it. Plus, it's cripplingly expensive. Any potential money from unlikely Art at the Mill sales is still two months away, and I don't have any fine art shows planned. Paint has to last! And yet, here I am blogging in the lamest act of rebellion ever.

Ahh, but add it all up and that's *why* I'm here. The leftover colors, while precious, are no longer needed on the canvas. I made one effort to force in some, just to use my supply, and it was a mistake. I had to step away. Ahh well, the happiness-to-anxiety ratio is still all shiny and glowing.

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