Monday, February 2, 2009

Hus on first

Not only did I not plan on the bake sale story going next, but I certainly didn't plan on it becoming Kaitlyn's debut. It was planned to show up next fall, after Kaitlyn's introduction. Hey, when inspiration strikes, I'm going with it. I'm two strips shy of having a nice, unexpected, three-week arc. It's like a sudden visit to the mythical Copper Road comic strips.

Kaitlyn's mommy is Shii Ann Hu... who is decidedly NOT a genius. Shii is the unwitting mother who manages to screw up the PTA bake sale mightily. I couldn't have a regular's mommy mess things up, so I needed someone else from the class. Of course, to use Shii Ann, I have to bring Kaitlyn into the fold! To bring Kaitlyn into the fold, I have to give her something to do. The result... surprising evil. (Who knew I was capable of that?) Somehow Kaitlyn ends up as quasi-spokeswoman for the kids alliance.

No worries! It'll all go back to normal come the next Monday's comic!

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