Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The bonus art up for grabs

I took photos of the original art that is for sale in the Precocious book 2 preorder Kickstarter campaign, so you all have better references.

Above is the Precocious deleted scene original, showing another Tiffany dessert disaster, that is offered in the original strips tier. It got a promotion to official comic continuity in the book!

Below are the ten original art pages offered in the bonus art tiers.

A - Accusing Roddy, Princess Yvette and Queen Suzette, Swing Vote Max

B - TV listings, Broken Ivy, Jacob and Bud playing

C - Concerned Vincent, Showboat Dionne, #1 Tiffany, Sweetheart Autumn

D - Stolen Laptop, Snow Jacob, Sad Frida

E - Protest Sign, Tiff and Chainsaw, Xander's Revenge

F - Muffin of Failure, Bug on Nose, Wizard Quincy, Frustrated Kaitlyn

G - Tiff and Shovel, Candidate Roddy, Captain Fireball

H - Oven Family Portraits

I - Suzette and Minion, Baking Success, Paranoia Flakes

J - The Outliers, The Standalone, The Hired Guns (Back cover art!)

K - Public Speaking Yvette, Max and Cookies, Sleeping Joseph (I didn't like this one, so it's not part of the offering, but here it is!)

There's a heck of a lot being offered in the campaign right now, as well as more temptations to be unlocked via stretch goals. Check it out and give in to the indulgence!

1 comment:

Iron Ed said...

"Sweetheart Autumn" reminds me of Dot Warner: "And I'm cuuuuutte!"

Poor Frida... so sad; so sweet.

"Bug on Nose" was a classic!

Ah; the ubiquitous Tiffany's Shovel.

Yaayy! Captain Fireball! (XL-5?? :-))

Good and appropriate Oven portaits!

Paranoia Flakes, Breakfast of Villains Everywhere!

Poor, downtrodden Suzette. I liked that strip. :-)

I don't care what anyone says, I like Dionne and Roddy!

Tonight only! Booksigning with Yvette Nutley for her new book; "The Silent Minority Speaks Out!"

Joseph Oven, appropriate! (Especially fitting to be last in the list. :-))